How to Get To the Koblenz Christmas Market

18.11.22 - 08.01.23

Opening Hours

Christmas Market

We recommend getting to the Christmas Market via bus or train. Additional information is available below.

Christmas Garden

We recommend getting to the Christmas Garden with the cable car! Learn More

Koblenz is conveniently located in the heart of Europe. Koblenz is very easy to reach from all four directions and by any means of transport. Whether by train or long-distance bus, by bike or on foot, there are numerous convenient ways to reach our city other than driving yourself.

Via Train

Koblenz is the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Start your vacation already with the arrival and enjoy fabulous views, fantastic sights, mighty nature, old walls and imposing castles already on your train ride through the Upper Middle Rhine Valley or the Moselle Valley. The Loreley, Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, Marksburg Castle or Stolzenfels Castle are just a few of the sights on your way.

Via Charter Bus

For groups coming to Koblenz by coach, various parking and stopping facilities are available in the city center and at Ehrenbreistein Fortress. The parking facilities for coaches can be found on this city map:
Download the City Plan for Charter Buses as a PDF

Via Coach

Save yourself long car rides, traffic jams on the way and a long search for a parking space in a strange city. Take the bus and get off right in front of your destination, easily and comfortably. You can find connections to Koblenz here:

Via Car / Parking in Koblenz

In Koblenz there are 10 parking garages close to the city center, where you can park your car during your vacation. Parking spaces, on the other hand, are few and far between. In order to arrive relaxed, we recommend that you choose a parking garage near your hotel and park your car there. During your stay in Koblenz you will not need your car. Koblenz is a city for pedestrians. The Old Town with its churches and squares, the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress with its cable car, the Rhine promenade, the Koblenz Castle, the Middle Rhine Museum, the Romanticum or the Ludwig Museum - all these sights are very easy to reach on foot. Stolzenfels Castle, Marksburg Castle or Eltz Castle can be reached wonderfully by boat, bus or train.